No Oil Pipelines on Stolen Land

Naomi Klein x DAIS

"Please watch this brand new beautiful video, courtesy of the super talented folks at DAIS.

As you will see, it was filmed in winter, but its message is more relevant this week than ever.

This month, a strong majority of British Columbians voted for parties opposed to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Yesterday, those parties – the BC New Democratic Party and the BC Greens – announced plans to form a coalition government. Yet Justin Trudeau is still pledging to push through the pipeline that will carry water-polluting and climate-destabilizing oil from the Alberta tar sands.

As this video shows, that would mean not just violating the democratically expressed wishes of the majority of British Columbians. It would mean violating core Indigenous land rights. Worse, Trudeau would be provoking what many in unceded Secwepemc territory are calling “Standing Rock North.”

After you watch, please share. Then tell Justin Trudeau (and your local MP) that it’s time to kill this toxic project once and for all.

Thanks!" - Naomi Klein



Directed by Sol Guy and Piet Suess
Produced by - Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis and Shoshana Guy
Shot and Cut by - Piet Suess
Location Sound - Justan Ross
Music - "LEAVING THE WORLD BEHIND" courtesy of The Tailor

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