Jessie Reyez "Gatekeeper"

Short Film Premieres on NOISEY

After releasing her debut EP "Kiddo" last month, Jessie Reyez has now put out a short film titled "Gatekeeper". This vivid piece is based on the true story of being pressured for sex by a music industry heavy-weight in exchange for an opportunity to make her dream of being a singer a reality.

You can see the  the hand-penned letter from Jessie Reyez about the film and why she is sharing this experience, as well as the complete write-up by NOISEY on their website.


"Years ago I was introduced to a big producer...
The devil tempts but he doesn't win."

GATEKEEPER- The Short Film: The true story that inspired the song


Jessie Reyez
Milton Barnes
Shomari Downer
Gabrielle Graham
Karen Knox 
Shaun Bishop

Directed by Peter Huang
Written by Jessie Reyez & Peter Huang
Produced by Katy Maravala
Cinematography by Devin Karringten
Production Design by Matthew Bianchi
Musical score by Jessie Reyez | William Larsen | Tim Suby
Executive Produced by Mauricio Ruiz | Matt Power | Byron Wilson
Production Company Mad Ruk Entertainment |

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc. |


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